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Stronghold Fitness offers Homeschool PE for kids ages 5-12. Making movement fun, developing a knowledge base of fitness and health, and teaching kids the value of being active is the primary goal of our Homeschool PE Program. Our program incorporates games, exercise circuits, team-building, problem-solving activities, skill development, fun exercise challenges, and physical education. It is an action-packed hour of fun and movement and results in happy kids and happy parents!


Contact: Rebecca Dotson, Owner of Stronghold Fitness LLC (, Certified Personal Trainer and Instructor,, 256-503-8448.

Jennifer Blume

The kids Running Club has been an awesome thing for my son. The days he goes to club are the best days of our weeks. He is more relaxed and less stressed, we have little to no conflicts over chores or homework, and he seems to sleep better and start the next day better. I would never be able to motivate him to be that physical on his own. The Running Club uses games and personal goals to make the exercise fun. I wish Running Club were offered all year round and through the summer. We would definitely take advantage of it!

Jennifer Blume

Hunter and Kaylee Cabra

Mrs. Rebecca is the best P.E. teacher ever! We always have fun, learn something new, and exercise HARD!

Hunter & Kaylee Cabra

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