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Image by Jez Timms

Macro Challenge

Stronghold's Mid-Year Macro-Counting Challenge

It's ALMOST time for Stronghold's Mid-Year Macro-Counting Challenge! This is an 8-week challenge and will begin Monday, August 15th. What can you expect from this challenge?

  1. Learning the basics of macro-counting (counting carbs, fats, and protein) and why this is THE most sustainable way to change your body composition.

  2. Learning how to eat and exercise to change your body composition—FOR LIFE!

  3. Support and accountability. (This challenge will involve a team challenge as well.)


Anyone is welcome to be a part of this challenge. You do not have to be a current Stronghold client to participate in Stronghold's Mid-Year Macro-Counting Challenge.


Please RSVP to Rebecca/Stronghold Fitness LLC via Facebook, Instagram, email (, or text (256-503-8448). More information will follow!

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