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About Rebecca Dotson

Welcome to Stronghold Fitness, LLC.  I am Rebecca Dotson, owner, and operator.   My greatest passion is supporting, educating, encouraging, and pushing individuals to recognize their capabilities, strengths, and fitness goals.  I LOVE what I do.  I desire to model a healthy lifestyle as well as be the coach, mentor, and cheerleader that my clients and students need, and ensure that each individual never feels alone in his or her fitness journey.  Everyone’s fitness needs are unique. I aim to tailor workouts to each client’s needs, leaving clients feeling successful every step of the way!

Rebecca Dotson

About Becky Freyenhagen

Hello! I am Becky Freyenhagen, a certified personal trainer. As a wife and mother of three children, I understand the challenge of finding time to care for your physical health in the midst of a busy life. I recognize the importance of staying healthy and strong as we build our careers and raise our children, especially as we age. My desire is to help clients achieve their personal health goals and be supportive and encouraging in their overall well-being.

My love for fitness started when I began playing tennis at six years old. As I aged into adulthood and young motherhood, I worked to stay active. Sometimes staying active looked like my husband taking the babies while I played in the local tennis rec league at night or sometimes it was a family affair and we would throw all the kids on bikes and bring them with us as my husband and I ran a few miles around town. No matter how it happens, I have recognized that staying healthy is as important for our physical health as our mental health. And now, as my children age into adulthood and go off to college, I desire to stay healthy and strong to be around to hold those grandchildren and be able to run around town with them on bikes. 

No matter what stage of life, I am excited to come alongside you to stay healthy physically and mentally!

Becky Freyenhagen

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