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Running Coaching

Often life gets in the way of our goals and dreams or we simply don’t have the confidence that we can do something—like run a 5K or marathon. We find ourselves abandoning our goals, quitting, giving up, and allowing these dreams to fall by the wayside. Life is too short to let this happen! We all need support, encouragement and accountability when looking to fulfill our aspirations.

Stronghold Fitness LLC wants to be that support and to help you gain confidence that you CAN do it! Whether you are looking to run your first 5K or to qualify for the Boston Marathon, we will provide a program written specifically for you and your fitness level, support you along the way and assist you in achieving your goal!


Running Coaching  Includes The Following:

Programs are written based on individual assessments and are presented in a variety of forms. We can coach you through your plan, revising and evolving your training along the way, or we can build a tailored program for you and let you “run” with it. Whether you desire to be coached or to have a program written for you, Stronghold Fitness LLC will provide the running guidance you need to successfully run your best!

Calvin Inabinett Jr.

Rebecca was my trainer for a bi-weekly TRX class. I had a goal of revamping my life through fitness. I set a milestone that by years’ end I would complete the Spartan Trifecta, a series of rugged trail races that span 5, 10, and 14 miles with up to 40 obstacles. Rebecca brought so much mentorship, accountability, and motivation to my training that I was not able to just finish those races, I held more than my own. This is coming from someone who was a habitual couch lounger who was gassed after a 5K stroll.  Rebecca was committed. She taught another class, body attack, right before TRX, but she never complained and was always present. I could count on one hand how many times she had to get a sub for the class in a year. She also brought humor and humility to the group, a true servant leader. Thank you Rebecca for helping me realize the potential I had locked inside. I’m confident she could do the same for you. That is if you’re up for the challenge.

Calvin Inabinett Jr.

Jennifer Herring

I trained with Rebecca in her Reboot classes for 2 years before having to put training on hold for medical reasons.  I always thought training was so boring.  But not with Rebecca!!  She was so creative, both at working the same muscle groups and mixing it up, through varying exercises that I never got bored.  She trains with as little as no equipment – just a kid’s jungle gym to stuff lying around in the garage to a TRX.   I also struggle with self-image, but she continues to teach me to speak positively about myself, which increases my desire to do better for myself.  Through her Reboot classes, I’ve seen her work with all levels – reluctant beginners to seasoned runners and fitness crazed men and women alike.  She’s awesome!  And now that I can no longer attend classes, she’s writing out 10k training plans for me.  Rebecca is an incredible accountability partner, as well.  She doesn’t just hand you a plan and leave it to you to do – she’s been there every step of the way asking for my times, how is my energy level and has offered to run WITH me.  Rebecca builds a relationship with you to understand your needs and goals.  She knows exactly how hard to push and when to do it!  Now that I’ve found Rebecca, I won’t train with anyone else!

Jennifer Herring

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