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Our Training Classes

Tailored Fitness: Educating, empowering, strengthening, and encouraging. We meet you right where you are, moving you forward from that place to fit your fitness goals. Stronghold helps you improve your quality of life so you become a better you. 

Personal and Group Fitness Training

You deserve it

If you are reading this, you are most likely looking for support, guidance, advice, and accountability in attaining a fitness goal—to lose weight, become stronger, gain overall fitness, to simply stay healthy, or another goal. 

Small Group Classes

Feel the difference

We offer a variety of fun and rewarding classes that are designed to move you toward your goals, regardless of your current fitness level. From beginners to accomplished athletes, we’ve got you covered! 

Running Coaching

It's about you

Often life gets in the way of our goals and dreams or we simply don’t have the confidence that we can do something—like run a 5K or marathon. Life is too short to let this happen!

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