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Personal Training

Are you looking for support, guidance, advice, and accountability in attaining a fitness goal? Whether that goal is to lose weight, become stronger, gain overall fitness or to simply stay healthy, we want to aid you in realizing your dreams and goals, to help you overcome your fears, and to be the support you need in confidently moving forward.  Stronghold Fitness LLC provides private personal and small group training workout plans tailored to the individual or group.  Workout time is maximized, focusing on individuals’ specific needs.  You are not alone in your journey.  We desire to encourage and support you every step of the way.


Personal Training Services Include The Following:

We Make Fitness Fun!

  • 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute training sessions

  • Individuals, couples, and small groups (3-4)

  • Fitness goal setting, planning, and implementation

  • All ages: Teens through Seniors

  • Pre and post-natal training

  • Sports specific training

In addition, Stronghold Fitness LLC provides upon request:

  • Written home workout programs

  • Online and distance training

Whether your goal is weight loss, gaining strength, building endurance, training for a specific event, or another fitness goal, Stronghold Fitness offers you support and guidance to help you gain confidence and successfully meet your goal.


"Doing Personal Training with Rebecca I have been able to lose the baby weight and be more fit than before at age 41. I am more muscular than ever before in my life and I have worked to change my diet around to healthier options when I was personally ready to do so. My body stays in a place that I am happy with on a more consistent basis than ever.  I don't keep track of body fat or weight , but I am pretty certain my body fat is less than ever in my life.  And let me tell you, I make better choices, but I definitely don't starve myself.  I still enjoy the things I love in moderation. When people ask why I drive 25-30 minutes and pay to see Rebecca for PT, I tell them it is because it is the hardest workout I get all week, I get to be with my child while working out instead of throwing him in childcare, my child also enjoys his time there, she listens to my requests and gears my workouts accordingly, and she keeps things changed up and fresh every week.  I originally chose her because of how she pushed me, and how much I enjoyed her ever changing workouts when she taught classes at UAH Fitness Center."

Amanda C. 

"Before I began Personal Training with Becky I was nervous about my ability to do a lot of the exercises, especially the ones that involved my legs or core. Training with Becky has helped my physical strength but it has also helped me learn how to overcome the mental challenges I was struggling with. I had recently broken my left leg and undergone surgery and so my main goal was to gain more mobility in my left leg. Now, I have the ability to confidently go about all of my everyday tasks without ever thinking of my leg giving out on me. I have really enjoyed having Becky as my personal trainer. This is my first time having a trainer and I had some doubts about how beneficial it could actually be. But it has helped me both physically and mentally more than I could have imagined. I love having my “me time” a few times a week where I can focus on myself improvement in a meaningful way."

Stephanie W. 

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