Small Group Classes

We offer a variety of fun and rewarding classes that are designed to move you toward your goals, regardless of your current fitness level. From beginners to accomplished athletes, we’ve got you covered! We keep our classes small so that we can maintain our high standard of instruction and provide each client with what they need to move forward with confidence. Once you join the Stronghold family, you’ll benefit from the comradery and support of your instructor and fellow classmates. It’s powerful to be a part of a healthy culture of people who are striving to help each other succeed!


Personal training services include the following:

We Make Fitness Fun!

  • 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute training sessions

  • Individuals, couples, and small groups (3-5)

  • Fitness goal setting, planning, and implementation

  • All ages: Teens through Seniors

  • Pre and post-natal training

  • Sports specific training

In addition, Stronghold Fitness LLC provides upon request:

  • Written home workout programs

  • Online and distance training

Whether your goal is weight loss, gaining strength, building endurance, training for a specific event, or another fitness goal, Stronghold Fitness offers you support and guidance to help you gain confidence and successfully meet your goal.

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I worked with Rebecca for a few years at both South Huntsville YMCA and the University Fitness Center in her TRX classes. She was always my favorite teacher because she pushed me hard to reach my fitness goals in every class. She always held me accountable and never let me get away with excuses to slack. But she was always very encouraging and motivated. She really invests in her clients and cares about all of them. I saw the best fitness results when I was able to work with Becca. I highly recommend her!

Kerry Coker Art Teacher / Writer

I did the UFinish 5k Training.  I had my doubts that I would be able to run an entire 5k in 10 weeks, but I did!  Rebecca was always positive and encouraging, even when I was grumpy!  She pushed me to give it my all and I’m so happy I made it and will continue to run.

Karen Brennan