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Our Client Spotlights

If you are reading this, you are most likely looking for support, guidance, advice, and accountability in attaining a fitness goal—to lose weight, become stronger, gain overall fitness, to simply stay healthy, or another goal.  We want to aid you in realizing your dreams and goals, to help you overcome your fears and to be the support you need in confidently moving forward.  Stronghold Fitness LLC provides private personal and small group training workout plans tailored to the individual or group.  Workout time is maximized, focusing on individuals’ specific needs.  You are not alone in your journey.  We desire to encourage and support you every step of the way.

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

I started a fitness class with Rebecca at a time when my metabolism was really beginning to slow, and I simply could not diet away fat. It even seemed that the exercise I was doing didn’t help. Rebecca gave me the inspiration and motivation to jump start a change in my physical health. If you take her class be ready for some hard core help. But don’t be too intimidated. She works with you and recognizes different ability levels in her class and seems to know just how hard to push each individual. Since that time, I’ve reached and maintained my desired body weight and am much healthier.

That interaction with Rebecca lead me to consider asking for help in another area of her expertise and that is working with children. Rebecca is a former elementary school teacher. While I was homeschooling, one of my daughters needed an extra outlet for physical exercise. We had tried various sports and other activities, but still needed something more. I asked Rebecca if she would consider holding a p.e. class for homeschooled students. She thought about it and in time agreed. We were so very thankful for that class! Rebecca kept the kids engaged for the entire hour in such a way that they really enjoyed the exercise, the interaction with Rebecca, and with each other. My daughter LOVED it and was always good and sweaty when I picked her up from class. My daughter is no longer homeschooled, but that class is one of the things that she really misses about homeschooling. I can’t say enough about how helpful Rebecca’s fitness classes have been for our family!

              Sara Runyans

Sara Runyans

Why Stronghold 

I have taken group fitness classes for years. Rebecca is one of the best instructors I have ever had.  She brings energy to the class every single time.  Even pre-choreographed classes are somehow more effective when Rebecca teaches because she pushes me to work harder, add more weight and do more than I thought I could.  Her dedication to health and fitness is contagious.  She motivates me, but also makes it fun!

Amy Bolton

I have trained with Rebecca doing TRX and Bootcamp at UAH gym.  She’s wonderful!  She is always correcting form and always gives many options for workouts.  She is mindful of people’s limitations, but you always get a great workout!  I am currently pregnant and plan to stick with her through it and after the pregnancy!

Caroline SchreederGeneral Surgeon

Rebecca is an amazing fitness instructor.  I was a participant in her BodyPump class for a year at the YMCA. Rebecca is a great encourager and always acknowledged individuals in class.  I miss her sorely.

Rachael Andree

I enjoyed the games and the benefits of getting stronger as the time went by and I went to each workout.  My goal is to build more upper body strength and improve my volleyball skills.  My training has made my serves stronger in a game and I’m glad there were workouts to help me with that.

Nina Mathis

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