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I Am A Runner

I am a Runner
I Am A Runner

I am a runner. I LOVE to run. If I could, I would run 50, 60, 70 miles a week. Life circumstances don’t afford me that opportunity right now and that’s okay. I know that life has ebb and flow and that, when the time is right (if ever), I will be able to run to my heart’s desire. Running to me is more than exercise. I don’t sit still very well so it is my “think time.” I used to wear headphones, but I chucked those quite some time ago and it’s just me and my thoughts on my solo runs. There have been times that running has equated to freedom for me. Being out in the open away from crises—running, ranting, crying, and praying—kept me from being entirely encompassed by my despair. At one time, God used running to save me in a sense. So, needless to say, running has a special place in my heart.

Running with friends is the best. Here’s why: I have a captive audience. They either have to listen or run away (and vice versa). Oh the things we talk about on runs… I feel sure that if all our powerful world leaders would run, the problems of the world would all be solved. Stuff just gets worked out on runs. You share, listen, discuss, and go home feeling a sense of resolve. Oh, and the funniest stories come out of the woodwork. I have laughed so hard I have had to stop running to keep from peeing on myself. Long runs (90 + minute runs) quite often are memorable in one way or another from weather-related events to bathroom incidents, to stories told, to injury issues, and so forth. But, when you are with friends in those circumstances, you develop friendships that are unique and special. It’s just inevitable.

Nothing beats the feeling of finishing a quality run. To quote Elle Woods from my favorite movie, “Legally Blonde” (Yes, I did just admit that): “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” The “runner’s high” is a real thing and can’t be beaten! So, my case for running is solid. It’s not for everyone. I know that. But, I know it’s for me and I hope to be running all the way to my grave.

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