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Our Clients in Action

Stronghold Fitness Clients in Action

Stronghold Fitness has amazing clients! We loved cheering on our clients Donna Palumbo and Missy Townsley, who competed in marathons in December and January!

Donna completed the Rocket City Marathon in December and the Walt Disney World Marathon this month! Missy completed the Rocket Half Marathon in December! They are both ROCKSTARS!

Donna Palumbo, Stronghold Fitness Client
Donna Palumbo
Missy Townsley, Stronghold Fitness Client
Missy Townsley

Do you have your sights set on running a marathon in 2023? Stronghold Fitness offers Running Coaching! Whether you are looking to run your first 5K or to qualify for the Boston Marathon, we will provide a program written specifically for you and your fitness level, support you along the way, and assist you in achieving your goal!

Check out our Running Coaching page to get started!

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