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Menopause Sucks!

Menopause Sucks!
Menopause Sucks!

Raise your hand if you feel me, sisters! I’m only 46, but my doctor told me I would go through “THE Change” early and, low and behold, I did. Man oh man, it’s a real thing and I have tried to rebel against it, but dang it if those hormonal changes just get the better of me. I can go from freezing cold to soaked with sweat faster than a hot knife through butter. I can look at a slice of bread and literally see it gravitate to my thighs like a long, lost lover. That tight, supple skin I used to have is as pliable as playdough and saggier than a deflated balloon. WTH?!! Collagen, how I miss you. I remember in my 20s when we used to pass around those “what is your favorite” lists via email and I would boldly pronounce that my favorite foods were cheese, bread, and pasta. Ahhhhh! I just broke out in hives typing that! Oh, and my coffee. How I ADORED my coffee with one and a half teaspoons of raw sugar and enough creamer to make my status as a true coffee drinker questionable. Those days had to go too. Oh, the simple pleasures that pre-menopause metabolism, estrogen, and a greater muscle mass allowed . . . Those were good times.

Lord, I miss my Estrogen!

Whether you are already here in this lovely phase of life with me, in the perimenopause stage of prepping for the fun times ahead, still enjoying the premenopausal life of luxury, or the significant other of a woman on the menopausal struggle bus, you need to know what it’s like for us menopausal peeps. I’m a fitness trainer and I will have to admit that I feel even more of a need to be on my game and “together” when it comes to leading a healthy, balanced, active lifestyle. But, good grief, it is SO MUCH HARDER than it used to be. That is just the hard, cold truth. It SUCKS!

What I realized after a while was that I took my fitness and health for granted. It actually was kind of easy for me. As a fitness instructor and avid runner, I taught a bunch of classes, ran a bunch of miles, ate fairly healthy, and could easily keep my weight in check. Easy, right? Eat right and exercise and you are golden. Well . . . until menopause that is. It’s not enough. Well, it’s not enough to maintain exactly where you were pre-menopause. So, there’s that. Dang it! But, I WANT to be the pre-menopausal version of myself—with svelte arms, tight legs, 20 pounds lighter and my froo froo coffee in hand. WAAAAH! But, with the hormonal changes of estrogen, collagen, and cortisol and the depletion of muscle mass, it’s just not realistic no matter how I long for the “good ole’ days.” My body’s composition has changed. There are hormonal changes that affect fat distribution, sleep, skin elasticity, concentration, mood, libido and so much more. It is part of the aging process and unavoidable. And for the umpteenth time, it SUCKS!

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