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Now, How Much was that Manicure?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Now, How Much was that Manicure?
Now, How Much was that Manicure?

Why is it that we don’t blink an eye when spending our money on manicures, highlights, spray-tans, massages, brow waxes, chiropractors, doctor’s visits, and prescriptions, but we suddenly become super cheap when it comes to paying for exercise? Exercise, mind you, that could SAVE us from the time and money spent on those co-pays, prescriptions and chiropractor visits. Exercise that makes us look “less like a potato” (as one of my clients puts it) and does so much more for our appearance than that $45 that we spend on the tips of our fingers. And, who here has had their insurance prices affected by their bill of health? Just asking. I know my insurance is a pretty good deal since I am a “picture of perfect health” according to my Doc.

FOR REAL, think about it. So maybe you are one of those that has a gym membership. You are a member of the big box gym down the street for $40 a month. Good for you. It’s a great deal and worth every penny. Your gym probably has a great class selection, equipment, showers, steam rooms, pools, towels, etc. These gyms certainly are great and have their place. Until just a minute ago, I worked in them for a quarter of a century. I taught those classes, trained those clients, and even handed out those towels. And, guess what else? I have seen what happens in these gyms. You have a core group of people for which these gyms work great. These people are committed, attend regularly, are self-motivated, are confident walking in the doors every time, and know what they are doing. Then you have those that make the New Year’s resolutions and come at it hard in January, February, and a few even keep at it all the way until March. By George, they got their money’s worth for the year in just three months, so why keep coming? Being an instructor at the gym in January is THE BEST! Classes are packed, motivation is high and it’s a fun time for all! Then you have those that drop in when they have time. But, life just gets in the way so much that, the 3 times they are able to make it to the gym each month, makes that gym membership a little pricier and, dang it, they just don’t see any results!

Hey, maybe you don’t need a gym at all. You have invested in a home gym and you’ve got your workout apps and plenty of videos to guide you through your workouts. You are super thrifty, saving time and money that you would spend driving to and paying for a gym membership. Check you out and, here, let me hand you a rag to dust off that treadmill. Oh, wait, first let’s get the clothes off of it and put them back in the closet where they belong.

So here’s where I make my pitch for small group class training. I’ve got a list a mile long, but I am going to try to convince you with just my top 3. So, here goes. . .

Number one: YOU ARE KNOWN. Not, like, “Hey Penny. Good to see you. Glad you made it back to another class” kind of known, but like, “Hey, Penny. How’s your wrist today? Do we need to modify those pushups? We missed you last week while you were in Houston for your son’s robotics tournament. How did they do? And, I have you down for X, Y and Z classes this week. I will see you at all of these, right?” kind of known. This is the kind of known that holds you accountable, keeps you safe, meets your specific needs, and lets you know you are missed when absent.

Number two: YOUR GOALS ARE KNOWN. The list is long of possibilities from “get in shape” to “increase energy” to “lose weight” to “gain strength” to “remain injury free” or whatever it/they may be. You have an automatic built-in support system that is going, not only cheer you on but help you get there, celebrate with you when you do and help you start the process all over again, constantly moving you forward. It’s highly effective and a SMART way to reach your goals.

Number three: YOUR TRAINING IS HIGH QUALITY. In my case, I have over a quarter of a century of experience in fitness, both as a group fitness instructor and a personal trainer. I have 50 million continuing education credits under my belt. I have worked with and for some amazing other professionals over the years from which I have gleaned a plethora of wisdom and knowledge. I believe, as Mike Rowe states in his S.W.E.A.T. Pledge, “that my education is my responsibility, and absolutely critical to my success.” I never plan to stop learning. I also NEVER plan to let you step into my studio and do something that is not well thought-out, safe, and for a specific purpose. And, you know what? QUALITY TRAINING = RESULTS!

I am fully aware that small group classes are not for everyone. Thank goodness, I just don’t have the room. But, is it for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself to know if it is:

How valuable is my health to me?

What are my health, wellness, and fitness goals and can I meet them on my own?

Would I benefit from guidance from a knowledgeable fitness professional?

Can I put together an effective fitness plan on my own or could I use help?

Would I benefit from being a part of a supportive community that would hold me accountable?

Small group training does come at a cost higher than the gym down the road, but, if you weigh the pros and cons and find the answers to the above questions leading you in that direction, I promise you will find that it is money very well spent and worth every dime.

If you’re ready to get started, sign up here or contact me for a consultation!

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