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Mobility & Strength Small Group Program


  • the ability to move purposely as you go through your day 

  • the foundation for living a healthy and an independent life

  • comprises all the skills required for everyday living, including physical stamina, strength, balance, coordination, and range of motion.

The goal of this program is to optimize movement and performance by increasing the range of motion within the joints and surrounding muscles.

Benefits of the Mobility & Strength Program

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Improved performance

  • Increased strength and power

  • Improved posture

  • Prevention of knots and injuries

  • Relief of tension associated with sedentary lifestyles or over-exercising

  • Improved functional fitness performance

  • Increased range of movement, helping us stay active and healthy longer in life

Jodie stretching.JPG


Thursday, 6PM-6:45PM

8 Classes: 5/2, 5/9, 5/23, 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27, 7/11

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